Supporting Timor Leste year 1-6 school leader and teacher capacity building - Owen Educational Consultancy
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Supporting Timor Leste year 1-6 school leader and teacher capacity building

Almost 2 years ago I came to Timor Leste as a consultant to support the Ministry of Education’s new curriculum for year 1-6 and help to develop an ongoing capacity building program for teachers and leaders.And so the Professional Learning and Mentoring program was established. PLMP as it is known consists of a series of leadership events, mentoring of school leaders and teachers by Timorese education qualification mentors and some internationals, also peer learning groups involving teachers within a cluster learning together regularly.The final component involves each inspector, school director and deputy and each small school leader having a tablet and apps to gather data on classroom observations undertaken and also regularly collect data about children’s literacy and numeracy. With a team of about 60 now employed,mostly Timorese and with considerable evidence of improvement evident in how teachers work in the classroom and improved student learning, and with several phases of the 12 month program now underway and embedding of processeswithin the Ministry of Education evident, I feel very proud of what everyone has achieved. It has been a challenge but also, truly a privilege!